”Love, Peace, Health and Wisdom through Music”


The Family Of Musichome
the new spirit for a new era

       “music makes the world a better place

The new era asks for a new spirit. “TheFamilyOfMusic” as an all-in-one agency provides individual business models for your own, unique business. Our solutions are tailored to your song, album and artist/human being.

       “we want our clients to be our friends as well” 

At least we offer real partnership instead of endless contract negotiations.

The Family Of Musicagency
more than just sending mass mails.

You’ll find your unique concept for marketing, promotion, sales and management with ”TheFamilyOfMusic”.

Our team is going into depth with your content and style and will create an individual strategy for all our agency work. At least we’re also going to open sales channels for you easily and find interesting sponsors.

The key to our success is completely understanding your work, your art.

The main part of our work is finding the right leads and contacts and to take care, that your message is heard by them. If necassary, by personal contact.


The Family Of Musicthe family
A strong family in uncertain times; the only way to stay successful at least.

our strength
• work

Our entire agency combines ‘Software development/ marketing which function together as teaching tools with music sales management/ promotion.’ Resultantly, all our customers receive a wide-ranging catalogue of services, which they can make use of in various ways. Our services include:
Our customers are the most important things to us. Therefore we develop communication tools which customers can use; not those which necessarily serve us best. THE FAMILY OF MUSIC agency develop unique concepts which are tailored to suit the particular artist/ band/ label or album which we are representing.  And if we still cannot satisfy your curiosity with the choices available, then you can make an appointment with us and we will give you an insight into our work.

•  network
THE FAMILY OF MUSIC agency develop unique concepts which are tailored to suit the particular artist/ band/ label or album which we are representing.

• honesty
Our customers occasionally receive something from us that they didn’t bargain for:
”a frank, honest opinion”.
Communication is our lifeblood. We are open and honest. We are true to our word and stand by our opinions – we are like a solid flag pole against the wind. But because dissimilar partnerships are often the most successful, we combine constructive debate and tenacity with a willingness to compromise. We don’t have a game plan – we opt for transparency. We are straight talking – our customers can count on that.

• determined
Our hearts aren’t in our boots – we wear them on our sleeve. We fight courageously and vigorously for the best solutions. This applies to grand concepts, but also to creative details or better formulations. Additionally, we cover unchartered territory for our customers. We are a new spirit for a new time. If our customers choose to trust in us, they can always trust in our compass and our lamp.

• passionate
What we’re looking for: bellows. What we have: an ember.
A person who works on a project requires the following:
Passion! We inspire and we like to be inspired – by people, ideas and artistic visions. We are passionate about what we do and we believe that the impossible is achievable. For this reason, we work tirelessly. Our belief is our goal.

•  straightforward
You will be glad to hear that we lack something: a lot of hot air.
You will probably discover that some of the typical industry clichés apply to us; but this is really only superficial. To achieve a direct path to our goals, we formulate material straightforwardly and without hidden clauses.  Like a triangle, we won’t lead our customers around in circles. We are without airs or graces.

• personal
You will get to know us, as people and not just work horses.
Music is communication. And we see ourselves not only as customer advisors, agents or copywriters; but as people with strengths and weaknesses. We are approachable, sociable and unassuming.
Respect, tolerance and solidarity are very importance to us. But writing about this isn’t enough. You will notice it in every contact you make with ‘our family’.

• curious
The more that we know, the better we feel.
We want to know everything. Knowledge allows us to see things from different viewpoints and it gives us a clear view of the right perspective.
We are interested in what our customers think, feel and in what they find/could potentially find interesting.
Only when we question things, can we challenge things.

• pragmatic
Creativity and profitability are two absolute opposites…
… or our daily job.
The agency’s work doesn’t have priority – it’s the customer’s success that is most important. Our ideas find no refuge in daydreams, but in the target range of our concepts. We achieve the enduring. We grapple with concepts. We think about them.

•  fast
We are quick off the mark. And above all, we are quick thinkers.
Our team is sleek and versatile. We have many years’ worth of experience so we can act fast. We think and work quickly on complex projects. We can’t go faster than the speed of sound yet, but we can try!

• confident
We believe in ourselves because we know who we are – we aren’t infallible.
But above all else, we know what we can do.
We are a small and informal outfit. That, however, is neither an argument for nor against high performance. Therefore our work is what we measure ourselves by. And because we are disciplined and busy, we take on all competition. Our customers can decide whether they want to side with a David or a Goliath.

•  familiar
“Music is the soul”- Uwe van Straten (CEO/International Business Affairs Manager)
Precisely due to the above, our agency is the best choice. We keep in constant contact; we accept our customers with all of their strengths; we add to these strengths through our work; and we try to compensate for any weaknesses. We welcome our customers as if they were a member of our family and we do what’s best for them.


The Family Of Musicthe house of music
Our house of music – Here we are.

 1st floor
• Record Store & Cafe & Club
  2nd floor
• Consulting
  3rd floor
• Coaching • Training
  4th floor
• Management
  5th floor
• Distribution • Promotion • Marketing
6th floor
• Studio • Production
7th floor
• Labels • Publishing
8th floor
• Seminar
 9th floor
• Meditation